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January 2017 Archives

Student suffers traumatic brain injury in crash; friend killed

Traumatic brain injuries can be life-changing, catastrophic and even fatal. In Maryland and elsewhere, a traumatic brain injury is often difficult to diagnose. When the injury is caused by the negligence of another, grounds for a personal injury claim may exist. 

Teen dies from brain tumor, family alleges medical malpractice

After a routine medical procedure, unforeseen complications and side effects could arise. Other times, a patient may suffer what is believed to be unnecessary pain while in the care of a Maryland doctor. In some instances, a doctor fails to diagnose a serious health condition. If any of these circumstances, grounds for a medical malpractice claim may exist.

Recent car accident: 1 pedestrian struck and injured by vehicle

From moderate injuries suffered from the results of minor fender benders to catastrophic injuries suffered from high-speed multi-car pileups, car accidents in Maryland come in many shapes and sizes. However, when a car accident involves a pedestrian, the injuries suffered are rarely minor. If a pedestrian is injured as a result of another driver's negligence and decides to file a legal claim, these claims are governed by the law of negligence. That is, motorists must exercise "reasonable care under the circumstances" and a failure to do so may be considered negligence.

2 injured in crash; 1 suffered traumatic brain injury

A traffic collision can have a major impact on the financial, emotional and physical well-being of a victim and his or her family. When an individual suffers a traumatic brain injury in an accident due to the negligence of another, the victim may be left with medical bills, lost wages from missed work, and other types of emotional and mental trauma. The aftermath of a serious accident is overwhelming, but a Maryland victim does not have to face it alone.

Recent Maryland car accident: 1 killed, 2 injured in crash

Countless numbers of Americans are involved in car crashes every year. Of those countless accidents, thousands die. Although some car accidents are truly unavoidable, most crashes can be prevented, as they are caused by an individual's careless acts. If an individual is fatally wounded in a car accident and his or her loved ones decide to file a legal claim, these claims are governed by the law of negligence. That is, motorists must exercise "reasonable care under the circumstances." A failure to do so may be considered negligence.

Recent medical malpractice lawsuit filed after surgery

In Maryland and elsewhere, countless numbers of people trust doctors with their health and lives. That is a reasonable assumption, as physicians and other health care professionals have a sworn duty to provide safe, ethical and accurate medical treatment for their patients. However, that does not always happen, and sometimes medical malpractice occurs as a result.

Recent Maryland auto accident shuts down Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Car accidents in Maryland may vary from the minor to the catastrophic and everything in-between. When a motorist is seriously injured in an auto accident and decides to pursue the filing of a legal claim, this claim is governed by the law of negligence. Motorists must exercise "reasonable care under the circumstances" but a failure to do so may be considered negligence in a court of law.

Man suffers traumatic brain injury after accident

The complications of a brain injury are often referred to as hidden disabilities, because those who suffer one may not feel any direct effects initially. These types of injuries can take months or years before their actual symptoms appear. Victims may appear to have made full recoveries, but may still experience chronic problems with concentration and memory. As the injury is so prevalent and the prognosis so uncertain, those individuals in Maryland resident who believe they may have suffered a traumatic brain injury are strongly advised to seek proper medical attention immediately.

Medical malpractice lawsuits involving pacemakers settled

Sometimes Maryland residents seek the help of medical professionals for routine medical procedures, only to later suffer unforeseen side effects or medical complications. At other times, they may suffer what they feel to be unnecessary pain while in the care of a medical professional. In other circumstances, a doctor may have failed to correctly diagnose a serious underlying condition during an earlier visit. If any of the above are the case, medical malpractice may have occurred.

2 injured in recent Maryland car accident

When individuals are the victims of vehicular accidents, the effects may range from jarring to life altering. The injuries suffered, whether they are temporary or permanent, may result in those individuals not being able to work in the short term or even ever again. In a serious Maryland car accident, the medical bills may become insurmountable, particularly when an individual does not have sufficient health care coverage.

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