Repeated violations spike Maryland workers’ compensation claims

Working with one’s hands in the field as a skilled laborer has been one of demand with every construction boom. Along with the increasing need for new locations to house, feed and clothe Maryland residents, the workers’ compensation insurance program has seen an increase in claims due to on-the-job injury. These sometimes preventable injuries have caused many city, state and national boards to strengthen and implement more stringent laws and practices to protect employees.

A company in another state has been barred from doing any more work within city limits after a floor collapse at one of its construction locations. Three workers were injured when a poorly constructed third floor collapsed. Building materials were placed on the floor under instruction from the site superintendent before an engineer was able to assess its stability and safety.

The poor construction and instability coupled with the weight of the materials caused the floor to fall in upon itself and crash through the first and second floors and through to the basement. The three workers who were in basement became trapped. Reports following the accident indicated serious injury.

Should a Maryland company overextend its employees and superintendents, safety is usually the first to suffer. The public and workers at the construction are vulnerable to mishaps and danger. When an employee is injured while working on the job, the workers’ compensation program is in place to help see the injured through financially during the time the employee is unable to work. Should a worker be fatally injured, survivor benefits are typically available to surviving spouses and minor children.

Source:, “DOB suspends Queens contractor after house collapse“, Kathryn Brenzel, June 28, 2017

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