Maryland hit-and-run driver charged for unsafe driving

A Maryland driver who had been traveling on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway was recently charged for unsafe operation of his vehicle, in addition to a charge arising from his hit-and-run behavior.

Readers might recall that the parkway is a 29-mile scenic route through wooded scenery, connecting Baltimore and Washington, D.C. In fact, the U.S. National Park Service maintains the woodlands surrounding the parkway.

Unfortunately, that beautiful scenery might also serve as a distraction. The driver apparently was not paying close enough attention to the traffic conditions on the parkway. He struck a man and his fiancé who were changing a flat tire on the side of the parkway.

It’s hard to imagine how traumatic it must have been to observe this fatal car accident, but that’s exactly what happened to the man’s 13-year-old daughter, who was still inside the vehicle and placed a 911 emergency fall. To make matters worse, the tragedy became a hit-and-run when the driver sped away.

A fatal car accident changes the lives of surviving loved ones forever. In this case, the man’s minor daughter will likely have to make many changes in her life. Although financial compensation for the loss of her father is probably the last thing on her mind, an attorney that focuses on personal injury lawsuits understands the importance of timely filing a wrongful death lawsuit. An attorney can pursue evidence that may persuade a jury of the driver’s negligence. In that regard, the criminal trial may bring certain facts to light. In addition, an attorney can help with estimating the damages for the tragic loss of a loved one.

Source: Reuters, “Maryland man surrenders in fatal ‘stop whining’ hit and run accident,” April 9, 2015

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