Did negligence lead to explosion in Maryland?

Maryland residents were recently shocked when news reports surfaced about a residential explosion that killed two, caused serious injuries to others, and reduced homes and belongings to rubble. Early reports confirmed that a utility gas explosion rocked a Baltimore neighborhood. Now, investigators are trying to determine if another party is responsible because of negligence or error. 

The company that provides the gas service to the neighborhood was quick to say that they looked into the explosion and concluded that there was no negligent behavior, like faulty equipment or improper installation, that could have caused several homes to combust. Investigators say that it will be impossible to determine who is at fault until a more thorough investigation concludes. The state of Maryland requires a report to be made within thirty days, but sources within the investigation say that a fully informed conclusion may take months. 

In the meantime, the victims may feel like their whole lives are upside-down. Several families must now deal with grief as they mourn their lost loved ones. They must also deal with lasting pain and suffering due to serious physical injury, emotional trauma, and the loss of personal property. Once a thorough investigation determines who is at fault, the victims may choose to take legal action. 

If personal loss or injury occurred because of another party’s negligence, a victim may want to file a civil case. In may cases, a compassionate attorney can offer assistance to a client that is struggling to recover physically, emotionally or financially. Sometimes, a civil verdict provides for monetary compensation to be paid to a victim or his or her family. This money can be used to cover medical bills, replace personal property or compensate for other expenses that are causing a victim to suffer further. 

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