Brain injury: Relationship killer?

Relationships always require some give and take. Maintaining a long-term friendship is quite the accomplishment, and it is even more difficult to sustain a romantic relationship, especially when a couple lives together. Married couples frequently have to negotiate various situations in which both parties do not agree, and for a relationship that must factor in a brain injury, compromise can be a tall order. A Maryland victim might not be aware how his or her injury can complicate personal life. 

Medical research has firmly established that a brain injury victim commonly suffers from psychological or emotional trouble. The brain is a powerful yet delicate organ, and when damage to certain portions of the brain occurs, a victim may become frustrated with the inability to think, speak, or act as he or she used to before the injury occurred. Some victims report that after such an injury, they often feel like a completely different person. 

Some people report suffering from a regressed emotional state. In the heat of an argument, they do not feel they have the ability to process their thoughts into mature statements. A victim may find him or herself blurting out phrases that sound like a young child having a tantrum, or be overly emotional. 

Other victims report having the opposite problem. A partner or spouse may find them unrelatable because it appears that a victim has no emotions at all. Depending on the situation, it can be detrimental for a victim to appear like they do not care one way or the other, or have no feelings on a serious matter that most adults would respond to emotionally. 

These are just a few examples of the struggles faced by a person that has suffered a serious brain injury. A brain injury is far from a simple physical ailment, and symptoms like these can be long lasting or permanent. If a brain injury was caused by another party, a Maryland victim may want to consider legal action in a civil court against the party believed to have been at fault. Brain injury victims may benefit from psychological care or therapy, which can be quite expensive. A civil case can result in a monetary judgment that a victim can apply to improve the quality of his or her life post injury. 

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