Medical malpractice applies to employees of clinics and doctors

Three doctors have now had their licenses suspended and the Maryland clinics in which they practiced have been closed. This comes after the death of one of their patients sparked an investigation into the procedures followed at the Associates in OB/GYN Care facilities. The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the patient’s death revealed multiple incidences of failure to follow established procedures, untrained staff and practices that endangered patient health. Although no medical malpractice suits have been reported in this case as yet, it is probable that they will follow as more details are released and more injuries reported.

The four facilities that have been closed were previously closed after the death of the young woman. According to an investigation into the patient’s death, she had undergone a procedure at the facility and was awake in recovery under the supervision on an unlicensed clinic employee. The young woman then experienced cardiac arrest and was not properly resuscitated. She was transported to a Maryland hospital where she died.

Investigators found that the young woman was not resuscitated using the external defibrillator at the facility, which did not work; nor was the assistant who was monitoring the patient certified in how to use it even if it had been functional. The clinics were allowed to reopen while the investigation was in process. Other violations were discovered by investigators, however, and the clinics were closed down again. One such violation involved an unlicensed employee performing sonograms and dispensing medications to patients.

Medical malpractice may apply not only to doctors, but also the staff who work for them. Licensed physicians are responsible for the actions of the staff who work for him. Knowing what constitutes malpractice and who the responsible parties may be can sometimes be confusing. It is important to have the best information available so that someone who has been injured due to malpractice at a Maryland clinic, doctor’s office or hospital can receive compensation for their illness or injury.

Source: the, “4 Md. abortion clinics shut down, 3 doctors suspended,” June 5, 2013

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