Maryland incident shows seriousness of truck accidents

Anyone who has driven on the interstate knows that they are filled with semi-trucks. The American economy largely relies on these types of trucks. While most drivers are well-trained and safe, the sheer size of the vehicle likely ensures that truck accidents are frequently dangerous, causing injury and damage. One young woman is recovering today after a collision with a semi-truck sent her over a bridge in Maryland.

The accident occurred in the late evening of a mid-July day. The accident happened about a quarter of the way across a bridge when a tractor trailer struck a 22-year-old’s car. The impact of the collision sent the car over the bridge wall and plunging 40 feet into the bay below. Luckily, the woman was able to escape the vehicle once in the water.

Although she suffered several fractures, she was able to swim almost 30 feet to safety. She is expected to recover from her injuries, but she is in serious condition and will likely need time to recover. Another vehicle was also involved in the collision, but no additional injuries have been reported. The accident backed up traffic for miles, causing some people to wait for hours to cross the bridge. There is currently no information regarding any charges filed; however, the investigation is most likely still ongoing.

Even without criminal charges, the injured woman can pursue her case in a Maryland civil court. A verdict in favor of the injured woman can compensate her for her medical bills and lost wages as she recovers. Truck accidents have been known to cause severe injuries or even death and sometimes result in civil litigation in order to ensure that victims are properly compensated.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “Md. College Student Survives Plunge Off Bay Bridge After Triple-Vehicle Crash,” July 22, 2013

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