Quick tips for auto accident victims

Buckle up, Maryland! As the annual celebration of what many call the holiday season kicks off, so does the annual rise in serious crashes. Experts offer many explanations for the increase in car accidents. Increased instances of DUI, less daylight, inclement weather conditions, and even deer and other animals moving on roadways may explain the spike. No matter how prepared a motorist may feel, being injured in an auto accident can be an overwhelming experience. 

There are some pointers that can help a victim who has been injured in a serious crash. First, check for damage and injuries. Make sure to call for emergency assistance as soon as possible. Even if a victim is unsure if he or she has suffered a serious injury, it may be a good idea to seek medical attention because some injuries are not immediately apparent. Try to record or document any details that may be helpful for medical professionals, investigators, or legal proceedings by getting as much information about other drivers and vehicles involved in the crash as is feasible for an injured victim.

A victim should prioritize physical and mental recovery. Many victims find it helpful to lean on friends, family or a mental health professional when dealing with the suffering that often follows a crash. A victim who is ready to think about legal action may want to reach out to an experienced attorney. 

In Maryland, if an auto accident is the fault of another party, there are several thoughts for a victim to consider. If another party or his or her insurance representatives try to contact a victim, it may be wise to secure legal counsel before admitting or agreeing to anything. A victim should not worry about potential consequences for the driver at fault. In many instances, a civil action may be appropriate. In such cases, the driver at fault is often ordered to compensate a victim for damages or pain and suffering, and an attorney can help a client understand the difference between civil and criminal cases. 

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