Facts regarding motorcycle accidents for Maryland cyclists

There are many motorcyclists in Maryland who are dedicated to their bikes. For many, motorcycles are not only a form of transportation that could potentially cut down on the consumption of nonrenewable resources, but also a cherished hobby. Unfortunately, statistics suggest that motorcycle accidents may be more dangerous than accidents involving passenger cars.

Over the last 15 years, some reports indicate that the number of fatalities resulting from traffic accidents involving cars and trucks has fallen. However, the number of fatalities in motorcycle accidents has multiplied. In fact, a person on a motorcycle is significantly more likely to be killed or injured than a person utilizing a more traditional form of transportation.

Unfortunately, a motorcyclist with a helmet still has significantly less protective barriers than a person in a passenger car or commercial vehicle. Because some drivers may have difficulty seeing a motorcycle that is smaller than other forms of transportation, many accidents are caused by a car or truck driver’s failure to yield the right of way. In fact, almost 70 percent of accidents involving a motorcycle and another vehicle are caused by this.

Laws regarding insurance for motorcycles may vary from those involving passenger vehicle by state. As a result, it may be necessary to seek assistance from someone familiar with Maryland laws if you are injured, or a loved one is killed, in a motorcycle accident. By doing so, victims of motorcycle accidents, or their families in the event of a fatality, can pursue all appropriate claims for financial relief, especially if the accident was caused by another’s negligence.

Source: Findlaw, “Motorcycle Accidents: Overview“, , Aug. 23, 2014

Source: Findlaw, “Motorcycle Accidents: Overview“, , Aug. 23, 2014

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