Follow these tips for driving on icy roads

Driving in Annapolis in the winter can be very tricky. This is especially true when the roads become icy. As weather conditions become increasingly bad, there seem to be hazards lurking around every corner. Even coming to a stop at an intersection can be exceedingly tricky.

After a long summer, it is easy to forget the precautions you should use for driving in less than ideal weather. Here are some safety tips to get you through the winter’s icy roads.

Don’t drive

The easiest way to stay safe this winter is to just stay off the roads. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that your employer will let you take three months off of work. If you have to get out on the icy roads, be sure to drive as carefully as possible.

Take your time

Speeding is definitely not a good idea when the roads are iced over. For that matter driving the speed limit might even be too fast. Be sure you allow enough time so that you drive slowly on your commute. You should never drive above 45 miles per hour on icy roads, and in some cases, 10 miles per hour might even be too fast. If you find yourself sliding or fish tailing, you are going too fast and need to slow down.

Buckle up

You should already have a habit of wearing your seat belt when you are in the car, but this becomes even more important when you are driving (or riding) in inclement weather. Your seat belt can make a major difference if you become involved in a wreck.

Stay in the know

Keep abreast of the wether conditions so that you can plan accordingly. The last thing you want to do is to drive into unexpected bad weather. Keep an eye on the forecast so that you can prepare.

Be gentle with the brakes

Hard and sudden braking on an icy road can cause you to lose control of your car. When you use the brake, apply pressure slowly so that you can maintain control of your vehicle.

If you have to drive this winter, the above tips can help you stay safe in case the roads turn icy. Unfortunately, not everyone out there will take the necessary precautions. If you find yourself involved in a car accident with a negligent driver, you might be able to file a claim for your injuries and other damages.

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