Family claims medical malpractice, negligence led to man’s death

The marvels of modern medicine are truly astounding. People are starting to live longer lives thanks, in part, to medical intervention. However, some people in Maryland are all too aware of the potential for human error causing serious health issues in the medical profession. One out-of-state family, for example, recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit, claiming that the negligence of medical care providers at a rehabilitation center led to their loved one’s death.

The deceased man had recently undergone hip, shoulder and knee replacements. Despite the medical procedures, his family members report that his condition was improving. In fact, they say he had even taken his first steps since his surgery just prior to his death. Unfortunately, he died after an accident involving his motorized wheelchair at a rehabilitation facility.

Reports indicate that the 84-year-old man had completed training about how to use the wheelchair a few weeks prior to his accident. Family members claim that the deceased man rolled out of the front door of Silver Stream Health and Rehabilitation Center in North Carolina. Although he tried to use a ramp, he instead went over a curb, causing the man to fall forward. He struck his head and face when he fell and died from the injuries five days later.

The family of the deceased man claims that because the facility had an inadequate amount of staff, residents were not properly monitored. Additionally, they claim that the handicap ramp was not appropriately marked. Representatives for the facility have denied the claims. While most medical care providers are well-trained professionals, a slight mistake on their part could have devastating consequences, resulting in death or long-term health issues requiring extensive care and affecting a person’s ability to work. As a result, patients in Maryland who have been a victim of medical malpractice, or their relatives in the event of a fatality, can seek financial relief in a civil court; in many cases, those who have been able to successfully argue that they were the victim of such negligence received a monetary award.

Source:, “Malpractice suit filed against Silver Stream Health and Rehabilitation Center“, Mike Voorheis, Aug. 15, 2014

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