Accident investigation underway in Maryland

When people are injured or killed in a Maryland accident, authorities must use evidence from the scene, witness statements, footage from traffic cameras and other reliable sources to try to determine the cause. In many cases, after a brief inquiry, it becomes clear what events led up to a crash and which party is at fault. In other instances, details may be elusive, and an in-depth accident investigation is necessary.

Recently, a two-vehicle crash left police and an interested public puzzled. At first, a statement claimed that four people had been killed. A short time later, more details emerged, and officials stated that two people in one involved vehicle had died, but the one person in the second vehicle suffered no injuries at all. 

Interestingly, the uninjured driver was transported to a local hospital anyway. Though the reason for this has not been confirmed, it is not unusual for police to send a driver to the hospital for a toxicology screen. This type of testing can determine if a person was under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substance that may have impaired a driver, thus leading to a serious crash. 

When victims are killed in a crash, surviving loved ones will want to stay up to date with the accident investigation. If Maryland authorities determine that another driver was at fault, a victim’s family may have legal recourse. A compassionate attorney can help a client file a civil suit against the responsible party. A civil case may result in a verdict that includes monetary compensation that can be used to cover accident related expenses like outstanding medical bills or funeral costs. 

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