Car accident investigation continues in Maryland

Early morning car accidents are often deadly. Many drivers out at predawn or very late hours of the evening do not often face an overabundance of other motorists on the road. The lack of distraction that other vehicles can cause may make some drivers use excessive speed, consume alcohol or illegal substances, or demonstrate less precaution while behind the wheel. The lack of concentration can lead to life altering car crashes. One such wreck has Maryland police continuing their car accident investigation after an early morning incident claimed a life.

A busy interstate has recently kept authorities quite busy. The call came in around 2:20 a.m. A man had been driving northbound on the southbound side of the interstate. His car struck another vehicle, causing the deadly accident.

The driver of the vehicle headed in the wrong direction was pronounced dead at the scene by authorities. Two other victims were injured in the wreck. A 21-year-old male was flown to a local shock trauma center for serious injuries. The other victim, a 25-year-old male, was transported by ambulance with what is believed to be non-life threatening injuries. Authorities are continuing to investigate the accident.

Being injured in a car accident can present many hurdles for victims to overcome, especially during the recovery process. Medical bills can mount, and the lack of income from the inability to work due to injuries sustained during the incident can leave victims staring at what seems like insurmountable debt. During the car accident investigation, victims who have been hurt as the result of another driver’s negligence can retain the services of a skilled Maryland attorney to help file a personal injury civil suit. Should the responsible driver have perished during the accident, the attorney could seek compensation from the deceased driver’s estate to provide possible financial reimbursement to the surviving victims.

Source:, “Maryland State Police investigating Interstate 97 fatal accident“, Chase Cook, July 8, 2017

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