Woman sues for personal injury in botulism case

A woman is suing a gas station after contracting botulism. She claims that her symptoms started after she consumed tortilla chips and the store’s own nacho cheese sauce. She and her partner believe that the cheese sauce was contaminated, causing her to become sick with the rare form of food poisoning. While botulism is fortunately not a common illness, personal injury cases from bad food happen every year in Maryland.

The state in which this occurred is currently investigating 10 cases in which the victims are suffering from botulism. It is not yet clear whether or not all of these people ate the same cheese sauce that the woman blames for her illness. All 10 of these victims are in the hospital at this time. Four local health departments are also on the case, and the store at which the sauce was served has had its right to sell food and drinks revoked.

The woman felt sick within hours of eating the chips and cheese sauce and was taken to the local hospital with blurred vision the next morning. Although she was initially sent home, she returned to the ER a few hours later with trouble breathing and vomiting. She was then diagnosed with botulism, which has taken away her ability to even open her own eyes.

While the woman’s attorney has not yet decided how much she will seek in damages, former botulism cases have been settled for millions of dollars. The illness is known to leave families owing thousands in medical bills. Anyone in Maryland who has suffered from the negligence of others can seek compensation and consult with a personal injury lawyer. The attorney can advise the client on how to proceed with a case against the negligent party.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “Botulism outbreak from gas station nacho cheese prompts lawsuit“, Sammy Caiola, Accessed on May 16, 2017

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