Who is responsible for AI medical malpractice?

Maryland residents are used to seeing more and more technological devices when they visit a medical professional. Artificial intelligence, or AI, can be used to help with a variety of things. From checking patients in more quickly to using stored information and algorithms to make diagnostic processes more efficient, AI is becoming more commonplace in the medical field. This may leave many confused about the possibility of medical malpractice

While one major benefit of AI is that it’s use eliminates some of the possibility for human error, there is a downside as well. Technology, no matter how advanced, can malfunction. Patients may be seriously injured if a medical device malfunctions. An error with an AI device can lead to misdiagnosis, incorrect medication or treatment, or false results on medical tests. 

In the event that such an error occurs, a patient may feel helpless. An injured patient may be unsure whether legal action should be taken against a doctor or the company that manufactured the AI device. There are a few quick tips that may help determine what action to take. 

If an AI medical device malfunctions or is flawed, a Maryland patient may take action against the manufacturer. If injury or death occurred because a human medical professional misinterpreted or misused the equipment, a medical malpractice suit is probably appropriate. Patients that have been harmed may want to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can help a client determine who is legally responsible for a medical error that caused serious injury or death and assist with legal action to seek compensation from the party at fault. 

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