Suspected fatigued driver loses life in a Maryland car accident

Life in Maryland has become a screaming blur of all of the things that one has done during the day and still has yet to accomplish. The stress and demands of everyday life can wear down even those who thrive on deadlines and due dates. Sometimes, getting behind the wheel to drive somewhere is the only chance some get to take a much needed rest from tasks. This reprieve can lead to an emotional let down, which then tires the mind and body. While driving a vehicle, the release can be deadly, causing a car accident and putting everyone on the road in danger.

A woman was driving on a well traveled Maryland route when witnesses noticed she began swerving. The supposed tired driver of the SUV eventually hit a road divider for a left turn lane and rolled her vehicle into the oncoming south side of the road. Once the vehicle was in the south lane, it was then hit by a smaller car.

The driver of the SUV was reported deceased at the scene. The driver of the smaller car was flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital and treated for injuries that were not considered life-threatening. Authorities are still investigating the circumstances surrounding and leading to the car accident.

Tiredness affects people in similar ways, but the activity that is being completed during the time that exhaustion kicks in can determine the outcome, not only to oneself, but to others. Operating a vehicle in Maryland while overly exhausted is negligent, and can lead to a serious or fatal car accident. If the operator of the offending vehicle should perish in the car accident, but the survivors in the other car have suffered injury, it is possible to seek compensation for lost wages and medical expenses in a civil court. An experienced attorney can help investigate the case and help victims to take the appropriate steps to for possible compensation from the estate of the deceased driver.

Source:, “Woman dies after SUV and car crash in Calvert County, officials think fatigue was a factor“, Stephen Pimpo Jr., May 2, 2017

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