Were you injured by a distracted driver?

Even though Maryland residents are not out and about much these days, it is important to remain vigilant behind the wheel. While residents have been advised to stay home unless they must venture out for work or an essential errand, drivers must resist the urge to check news feeds and messages behind the wheel. A distracted driver can cause serious injury or death in the blink of an eye. 

Usually, a national campaign to educate citizens about the dangers of distracted driving kicks off in April. Though this year’s campaign was not officially cancelled, it is not getting as much attention as it has in the past. Experts warn this is all the more reason to use extra caution on the road. 

According to the National Road Safety Foundation, even people who know distracted driving is dangerous may not be aware of exactly what the phrase means. Most people know that using a smartphone or other handheld device can cause a crash, but not realize that distracted driving includes other things like buckling a seat belt, eating, or reaching for a bag. The NRSF has provided tips, educational videos and even a quiz to help drivers learn more about the ever-growing risk. 

If a Maryland crash is the fault of a distracted driver, a victim may suffer more than just physical injury. A serious crash can burden a victim with other difficult circumstances like unexpected medical bills or the inability to work. A victim that is facing such circumstances may want to speak to an experienced attorney about filing a civil suit. An attorney can help a client prepare a claim and present it case in court. A civil case decided on favor of the plaintiff can result in a monetary judgment. 

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