Would you recognize a drunk driver if you saw one?

Motorists across the nation, including Maryland, risk their lives each day. Defensive driving is crucial as they navigate their vehicles in traffic that almost always includes drivers who are distracted by their smartphones or impaired by medication, drugs or alcohol. The ability to recognize a drunk driver might be the best way to avoid a wreck, and by reporting them, other motorists might also escape the hazards posed by impaired drivers.

Being alert and looking out for telltale impairment signs is the way to go. These include drivers who drift, swerve or weave through the traffic, or those who tailgate other vehicles. Someone who drives on the wrong side or in the middle of the road will likely be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and erratic braking and accelerations are also red flags.

Impaired drivers may forget to turn on their headlights when they drive at night, and they often drive slowly in an attempt to avoid being noticed. Some drunk drivers are slow to react to traffic signals, and they typically make unnecessarily wide turns. When someone drives with his or her face almost up against the windshield, it is a sure sign that he or she is impaired enough to see double.

Road safety authorities urge sober drivers to call 911 to report impaired drivers, thereby removing not only their own crash risk but also the risks faced by many other road users. Anyone in Maryland who failed to avoid a drunk driver will likely have grounds to pursue a claim for damage recovery. The sensible step would be to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney who can advocate for the victim throughout the legal proceedings of a civil lawsuit.

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