Flying ice from vehicles in Maryland lead to personal injury

Most Marylander’s thought they had escaped winters snowy clutch, but a nor’easter dropped roughly 10 inches of snow on much of the state on March 14. Children basked in snow angels and snowball fights, delighted in sleigh riding and indulged in hot chocolate. Those brave enough or seriously determined, chipped ice off windshields and shoveled snow from driveways and curb sides preparing to navigate the roadways. Some motorists, however, hopped in the car and headed out, not realizing what dangerous and probable personal injury projectiles they could be driving with.

In three separate accidents, ice reportedly flew off other vehicles on a well traveled interstate. The ice hit the windshields of the victims cars. The spray from the glass caused eye injuries.

Flying ice from vehicles whose drivers failed to clear not only their windshields and signaling lights, but also any snow or ice from hoods, trunks or roofs, is very dangerous. The ice missile can cause motorists to swerve into oncoming traffic or into another lane to avoid the impact. This reaction can put other motorists in grave danger.

When a Maryland driver is negligent and those actions lead to the harm of another, the victim is entitled to file a personal injury claim in civil court. With the help of a skilled attorney who is well versed in personal injury law, this type of claim could provide compensation to help alleviate the financial burdens the victim and their family may experience as a direct result of the injury. The compensation gained from a successful lawsuit can help cover medical expenses, lost wages and other applicable financial damages.

Source:¬†College Park, MD Patch, “3 Drivers Injured By Flying Ice On Area Roads: Maryland State Police“, Elizabeth Janney, March 15, 2017

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