Expecting parents should learn about birth injury

When Maryland parents are expecting a baby, there is a lot to look forward to. Most parents enjoy sharing the good news with friends and families, preparing a nursery, and making sure they have everything ready so all is set when a baby comes home. With so much to look forward to, parents may not have considered the possibility that something could go wrong during labor and delivery. A birth injury is more common than a parent might think. 

Sometimes, an injury can be caused while a baby is still in the womb. If a medical professional is not diligent, a problem may go undiagnosed. Examples of this can include a medical professional failing to diagnose a prenatal infection or prescribing a medication that can cause adverse side effects for an unborn child.

More common birth injuries usually occur during the delivery process. Failing to properly monitor the mother during delivery can lead to an infant experiencing oxygen deprivation, which may result in a condition called cerebral palsy. Even improper use of forceps and other delivery tools can lead to serious or permanent injury. Unconventional delivery methods can likewise cause harm to an innocent newborn.

If a Maryland parent feels that his or her child suffered a birth injury due to the careless or negligent behavior of another party, there may be a legitimate reason to pursue legal recourse. Having a baby can be overwhelming, and caring for an infant with special needs can be an especially rough adjustment. Fortunately, a parent can consult an experienced attorney to seek justice and applicable compensation in a court of law. 

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