Nurses charged in nursing home injury

Two nurses have been charged in another state after abuse was discovered in a nursing home. Reportedly, a patient suffered nursing home injury after the two nurses failed to properly care for the patient. While the incidents took place in another state, it is sadly a familiar tale in Maryland as well.

Both nurses have been charged with wanton neglect of a patient in a health care facility, abuse of a dependent adult and tampering with medical records. The treatment of the unnamed resident of the nursing home was documented in court records. The patient was said to have been denied basic physical care and the minimum amount of food needed for her to prosper.

Because of her weakened state from improper care and lack of food, and because of the neglect of the nurses, the patient reportedly suffered a fall. As a result of this fall, she had a head injury. It is alleged that she was then denied medical treatment, food or medications needed. The two nurses then falsified the records in order to hide what they had done, according to the report.

Both of the nurses apparently documented that they had given the patient her medications, but this was not true. Until another prescription could be given, the patient was without needed medications as a result. It was not reported whether the nurses still work at the location.

When someone in Maryland suffers nursing home injury because of the neglect of staff, the family may choose to consult with a personal injury attorney. This move can help the family to seek compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and other financial damages incurred due to the neglect. It may also help to ensure that the neglect is not repeated at the facility where it took place.

Source:, “Two Elkader Care Center nurses charged on abuse allegations“, Allison Wong, Sept. 22, 2017

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