Common causes of medical errors

Though hospitals are supposed to be places where medical professionals find answers to the ailments Maryland residents have, the reality is that they do not always provide the rest and recovery they are supposed to. Rather than get better in a hospital, a large number of patients end up coming out of the hospital with a worsened condition.

According to one study, the third cause of death in the country is medical errors. A medical professional’s negligence that causes an error can be devastating and cause additional medical expenses. A medical malpractice suit can be one way to hold medical professionals responsible for the negligence. The following are some common medical errors that patients should be aware of when going for medical treatments.

Erroneous paperwork

Paperwork is an integral part of healthcare and any mistake in it can be devastating for a patient. Errors such as misstating a medicine one is allergic on a medical chart can be deadly for a patient who might not be conscious to correct the medical professional.

Communication gaps

Effective medical treatment depends on communication between all the doctors who are in charge of one’s healthcare and the nurses in question. Unfortunately, physicians do not communicate with one another directly and a lot of information is lost in the process. As a result, doctors can end up ordering unnecessary tests or procedures.

Case misdiagnosis

Misdiagnosis is also common, despite the advancement of medical technology. At the end of the day, it is humans who are reading and translating this information, and they are susceptible to making mistakes like the rest of us. Between 40,000 and 80,000 people lose their lives annually because of misdiagnosed conditions.

People going to hospitals should be aware that they are being treated by fallible human beings, and therefore are liable to make mistakes as well. Knowing what to expect can ensure people ask the necessary questions and make informed choices.

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