Maryland nursing homes are not exempt from medical malpractice

Placing a loved one into a nursing care facility is never a choice that many consider lightly. Although many Maryland nursing homes and assisted living facilities provide good care, problems and neglect still exist in some. Those who have suffered or watched a loved one suffer at the hands of a staff or facility that has been compensated and trusted to provide adequate care and compassion to a family member could seek damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

A woman in another state is suing employees and the parent company of a nursing home at which her grandmother was being cared for. According to the lawsuit filed, the 90-year-old grandmother wandered away from the facility and was not reported missing for several hours. Upon realizing the woman was missing, the nursing home contacted the granddaughter who arrived around 7 a.m. to help aid in the search. It was the granddaughter who discovered her grandmother’s body.

Reports indicate that the grandmother’s body was found in a retention pond which was housed on the backside of the nursing home’s property. Her body had allegedly been dismembered by an alligator. The young woman claims that the staff knew her grandmother was a sleep-walker and wanderer and failed to provide the proper care to keep her grandmother safe.

Losing a loved one can be emotionally difficult. Especially if a loved one is lost or injured while under the care of a medical professional or a health care facility. Should a family believe that medical malpractice has been at play, filing a claim with the help of a Maryland attorney in a civil court may be an option. Any monies awarded could help cover any incurred medical costs and/or final costs.

Source:, “Granddaughter of 90-year-old woman killed by alligator sues West Ashley nursing home“, Drew Tripp, June 23, 2017

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