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Did you suffer a personal injury on vacation?

Maryland residents were getting a bit stir-crazy, and now that things are beginning to reopen and summer has just begun, many families may be making travel plans. This time of year, staying at a hotel or resort with a nice pool can be a bonus. Parents do their best to reach their children about safety before visiting a pool, but what if the pool area itself is unsafe for visitors? A recent headline depicts a terrible scenario of personal injury.

According to preliminary reports, a father and son were enjoying some time in the pool at a resort when disaster struck. The wind kicked up, and an umbrella from a poolside table came loose and flew into the pool. It struck the man and his young son, who is believed to be about three years old. 

Brain injury: Relationship killer?

Relationships always require some give and take. Maintaining a long-term friendship is quite the accomplishment, and it is even more difficult to sustain a romantic relationship, especially when a couple lives together. Married couples frequently have to negotiate various situations in which both parties do not agree, and for a relationship that must factor in a brain injury, compromise can be a tall order. A Maryland victim might not be aware how his or her injury can complicate personal life. 

Medical research has firmly established that a brain injury victim commonly suffers from psychological or emotional trouble. The brain is a powerful yet delicate organ, and when damage to certain portions of the brain occurs, a victim may become frustrated with the inability to think, speak, or act as he or she used to before the injury occurred. Some victims report that after such an injury, they often feel like a completely different person. 

Who is responsible for AI medical malpractice?

Maryland residents are used to seeing more and more technological devices when they visit a medical professional. Artificial intelligence, or AI, can be used to help with a variety of things. From checking patients in more quickly to using stored information and algorithms to make diagnostic processes more efficient, AI is becoming more commonplace in the medical field. This may leave many confused about the possibility of medical malpractice

While one major benefit of AI is that it's use eliminates some of the possibility for human error, there is a downside as well. Technology, no matter how advanced, can malfunction. Patients may be seriously injured if a medical device malfunctions. An error with an AI device can lead to misdiagnosis, incorrect medication or treatment, or false results on medical tests. 

Negligence causes boating accident

After the strangest spring that many can recall, Maryland is getting back to normal just in time for summer. As the weather heats up, many people are making plans to visit a beach, lake or river to cool off and have some fun. Fortunately, Maryland offers plenty of places for locals to beat the heat. Boating is one way to enjoy the water, but people should be aware that operator negligence can result in serious injury. 

Recently, two ladies decided to spend the afternoon exploring Ocean City on a pontoon boat. A pontoon boat is sort of like a barge, supported by two large floats. They are a larger, slower vessel, perfect for touring around, eating a meal and relaxing. 

Research discovers some conditions linked to brain injury

Medical researchers dedicate themselves to finding new ways to help people suffering from serious conditions. Even with advances in technology and diagnostic methods, a serious brain injury may still carry a lot of unknowns. The latest discovery may revolutionize the way medical professionals help patients recover. 

It has been known for some time that persons that previously suffered a traumatic brain injury may subsequently suffer from the onset of various mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder or depression. With this knowledge, researchers set out to learn the exact correlation between the conditions, and how to predict what long-term conditions an individual patient can expect to face. Maryland brain injury patients may be interested to learn about how a head injury can potentially prevent the individual from ever fully recovering. 

Police caution public about dangerous drivers

Across the state of Maryland, many businesses, public gathering places and government buildings remain closed. Residents continue to do their best to adhere to all the guidelines set forth to curb the pandemic, but people must still venture out to get necessities, provide service at an essential business or seek medical attention. Police warn that, even though the roads are far less crowded these days, incidents of dangerous driving are on the rise. 

According to law enforcement officials, police have confirmed an increase in traffic offenses like speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving and other dangerous behavior. Residents have also come forward to recount recent incidents in which another driver has sped past them or cut them off. Some say they are hesitant to go out even for essentials due to the increased risk of a serious accident.

Drunk driving accident kills two

Statewide shutdowns and unseasonably cold weather has many Maryland residents feeling a bit cooped up. Recently, some businesses have begun to reopen, and people are excited to venture out with friends and family. Unfortunately, not everyone is making safety a priority, and one driver's drunk driving accident injured or killed everyone in his vehicle. 

Maryland police arrived at the scene of a crash and began trying to determine why a single vehicle left the roadway and sustained heavy damage. Initial investigation determined that the vehicle was occupied by four adults. The two people in the back seat were killed, while the driver and front passenger suffered mild injuries. 

Victim's family may be entitled to compensation

Last year, Maryland police began investigating the drowning death of a 76-year-old man. Until recently, little information about the tragedy was publicly available. It was revealed that another man present on the scene has been charged with crimes, including manslaughter, and the victim's family may want to seek compensation in a civil court. 

According to the year-long investigation, the victim was on a boat with a 54-year-old man. The victim fell overboard and drowned, and the death was originally ruled an accident. After other evidence came to light, police are now charging the 54-year-old with the death of his friend. 

Researchers sniff out brain injury breakthrough

Severe injuries require immediate medical attention, and in emergency situations, doctors must work quickly to establish the best course of treatment. Brain injury victims may appear unresponsive, making it difficult for medical personnel to obtain critical information to properly diagnose and treat a brain injury. Maryland residents may be shocked to learn that the diagnostic error rate is about 40% in these situations. 

Researchers spent years proving the effectiveness of a new test that can drastically increase the chances of a quick and accurate diagnosis. The test does not rely on some fancy new technology, but on the injured brain itself. Coined "the sniff test," small samples of a potent smell, like bath products or stinky fish, are held under an unresponsive patient's nose. A special tube inserted in the nose measures the brain's response through breathing. 

Death of a child prompts accident investigation

Maryland kids are still unable to attend school or participate in most extracurricular activities. Families may be starting to feel a little stir crazy, and it's a blessing when the weather is nice and kids can go outside for some fresh air. Even with the state's social distancing guidelines and the closure of parks and recreational areas, kids can still ride bikes, take walks and spend time out of doors. Unfortunately, a hoverboard ride resulted in the death of a local child, resulting in an accident investigation

Initial reports say that a 16-year-old girl was riding a hoverboard in Hagerstown. As she came to an intersection, she was struck by a dump truck leaving a local construction site. She was pronounced dead at the scene. 

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