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Hospital negligence leaves patient out in the cold

A hospital has come under fire after staff members set a disoriented woman outside dressed only in a hospital gown. The hospital's top executive has issued an apology to the patient and her family and is said to be taking full responsibility for the incident. In Maryland, the hospital president stated that due to hospital negligence, the facility failed to provide the patient basic compassion and humanity.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows hospital staff leaving a woman dressed only in a hospital gown out on the street. The temperature at the time was 30 degrees. A passerby dialed 911, and an ambulance took her back to the hospital. A witness stated the family members found the woman at a homeless shelter and that she is now home safe with her family.

Workers' compensation when companies neglect safety

Thousands of Maryland employees head to work every morning with thoughts of the end of the day already in their minds. Little thought may be given to the duties needed to be performed while on the job, as the task is usually something that is completed on an almost daily basis. Sometimes the employees become complacent, and other times, employers fail to provide their workers with what they need to complete the job safely. When an employee is injured or killed while performing work-related tasks, workers' compensation is a benefit that many will utilize to help see their family through the financial rough patch that will most likely follow the incident.

A power company in another state was issued a "willful" violation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after five employees lost their lives while performing maintenance at a power plant. The men were instructed to unclog a slag pool, which is created as a byproduct that resembles lava and reaches comparable temperatures. According to OSHA, the particular tank the men were to unclog had been blocked for at least 13 hours. Protocol details that the unit should have been shut off after 6 to 8 hours of a clog or issue.

Workplace accidents lead to financial gaps for Maryland families

Injuries occurring while on the job can have a ripple effect to not only the worker and the company, but the worker's family as well. When the employee is injured, the medical and painful aspect of the incident can leave one unable to work for days, weeks or even longer. The financial implications of workplace accidents can really put families in a monetary rough spot. The loss of income from not being able to work can create a negative bank balance and stress within a family unit. When Maryland workers are hurt or fatally injured while on the job, workers' compensation benefits are typically available.

Authorities received a call around 2:20 p.m. to assist with helping rescue two men who had become trapped in a grain elevator in another state. Unsure of why the men were in the grain elevator and what exactly happened, all that was reported was that the men were buried under 20 to 25 feet of grain. Upon arrival of rescue workers, the men had been trapped for nearly two hours.

Personal prevention of distracted driving: Keep yourself safer

Most people understand just how big of a problem distracted driving has become. This behavior causes thousands of motor vehicle accidents every year, with many resulting in serious injury and death.

As a driver, you don't want to contribute to this problem. Instead, do your part in keeping the roads safe. There are a variety of personal prevention tips you can use to avoid the perils of distracted driving:

Negligence in Maryland care facilities can be painful

Many Maryland residents seek the full-time care for a loved one that a nursing facility can provide when care can no longer be provided at home. The decision is usually not made lightly, and the family often considers many facilities before deciding on a home that best meets their loved one's needs. Some forget to check for complaints of negligence or abuse while interviewing potential care sites. Overlooking any claims that have been made against a nursing home facility or its employees or contractors can prove to be painful for the residents, costly for families or even deadly.

A Certified Nursing Assistant in another state has been charged with felony criminal neglect after failing to follow directions regarding care for a patient. The 32-year-old woman was in the process of giving a 400-pound patient a bath when the woman rolled over the bed rail and fell roughly 3 feet to the tile floor. The fall caused the patient to break both femurs and required surgery with plates and screws to keep the bones in place.

Holiday car accident in Maryland kills 1, hurts 9

Maryland holidays are typically a time when many people take to the roadways to visit family and loved ones. With the increase of vehicles on highways, the likelihood of being involved in a car accident increases. When someone gets behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the odds of an auto accident increase significantly.

Nine people have been injured and another person has died in a car accident that occurred around 5:30 p.m. in Anne Arundel County. A vehicle heading northbound on a busy road crossed the center line and side-swiped a car in Churchton. The driver of the vehicle that was hit was transported to a local hospital and treated for injuries not considered life-threatening. The two passengers in the struck vehicle suffered minor injuries but refused medical treatment.

Arrest made in horse and buggy hit-and-run accident

Leaving the scene of an accident, no matter how minor, is a serious offense. An elderly man is fighting for his life after being injured in a collision between a pickup truck and his horse and buggy. In Maryland, a charge for hit\-and\-run accident with serious bodily injury is considered a felony and holds severe consequences.

The two occupants of the buggy, a husband and wife, were hit at about 5:35 p.m. Witnesses said a dark-colored pickup truck struck them and sped off, leaving the occupants injured and their horse dead. The 86-year-old man was airlifted to an area hospital with severe injuries. There is no report on his wife's condition.

Maryland deputy's family may lose workers' compensation benefits

Defending and protecting the innocent and upholding the law is a serious job that puts the life of a law enforcement officer at risk on a daily basis. Maryland police officers understand the risk and continue to provide countless services to the community. Should a deputy become injured or die in the line of duty, workers' compensation, pension plans and state and federal government benefit programs offer payouts to surviving families.

A 43-year-old Baltimore police officer was fatally shot while investigating a triple homicide. The initial conclusion was that the incident occurred after a violent struggle with an unknown suspect, but some are questioning whether this may have actually been a suicide. It appears that the weapon used in the crime was the officer's own service revolver. The chief medical examiner has ruled the officer's death as a homicide, but is continuing to be updated on findings.

Workplace accidents can leave Maryland families without income

Securing a job with a contractor providing steady work can be a blessing for many. This type of employment usually provides stability and often includes a lucrative benefits package. For families trying to support themselves during rough financial times, construction jobs offer a means to put food on the table, shoes on the children's feet and keep the lights on. With the stability of a construction career also comes the risk of workplace accidents due to heavy equipment, human error or acts of nature. When an injuries occurs, workers' compensation helps to cover Maryland victims and their families.

A call came in to authorities around 10:30 a.m., requesting assistance with a collapsed trench at a worksite in another state. A four-man crew was in a trench, and one worker was buried and unresponsive. Upon arrival on the scene, rescue workers discovered that 16 to 20 tons of dirt had shifted and collapsed into the 10-foot-deep trench where the man was putting in an underground line. The rescue team was shown where the man was and marked the location to begin rescue efforts.

Woman awarded $26 million after surgery caused brain damage

Going under the knife can be an understandably stressful event for Maryland patients. Although most people trust their doctors implicitly, even minor mistakes can cause permanent damage. Catastrophic injuries -- including brain damage -- have life-long implications that can severely affect a person's ability to continue his or her life as normal.

A jury recently awarded $26 million to an out-of-state woman after she suffered serious permanent injuries from a medical error. In Oct. 2012, the woman underwent neck surgery at a hospital in her area. Although she was sent home soon after, three days after the surgery she returned to the hospital via the emergency room. She was struggling to swallow and breathe and complained of significant neck pain.

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