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Annapolis Personal Injury Law Blog

Bus accidents cause fear and serious injury

The crisp autumn air has finally blown into Maryland, and people are out and about. There is lots to see and do in the fall, and many people are busy preparing for company, decorating for upcoming holidays or getting some snacks together for the big game. Many people rely on public transportation, such as a bus, to get to and from each destination. While certainly a convenient way to travel, a person has no guarantee of avoiding serious injury

Recently, a Maryland Transit Authority bus was stopping to let passengers get off at a regular stop near Baltimore. Suddenly, witnesses say, a pickup truck crashed right into the side of the stopped bus. Some people recall being thrown from their seat, and all of the passengers worried when the bus began to fill with smoke. 

Serious car accident amidst new seat belt campaign

Several police departments  from Maryland and surrounding states have kicked off a new campaign to urge drivers to always wear seat belts. In addition to being required by law, wearing a seat belt can save lives. A recent car accident involving several vehicles serves as a grim reminder to all motorists of the need . 

The car accident was caused when a woman driving pickup truck was making a turn. A large box truck did not stop in time and slammed into the back of her vehicle. This caused the pickup to slam into a vehicle heading the opposite direction. Both vehicles spun, and were hit by a third oncoming vehicle. 

Cutting edge technology sheds light on brain injury

Maryland residents are welcoming autumn and all it has to offer. Whether it be photographing seasonal foliage, enjoying a football game with friends or perhaps just tidying up the house and yard before the holidays, people can find plenty to do in the coming weeks. While it's always nice to look forward to exciting events, some have to deal with the reality of unfortunate circumstances, like a crash, injury or health situation that results in a brain injury

Brain injuries can happen to anyone and, sadly, occur more often than many people think. Though medical treatment has advanced somewhat, and people are more aware of the risks, brain injuries have remained a bit of a mystery until recently. Researchers from Villanova University have created a working artificial model of the human brain, complete with a clear skull. 

Car accident: out of thin air?

Autumn has officially arrived, and Maryland residents are ready. Autumn offers a variety of events for residents and visitors alike, and people are ready for hayrides, street fairs and hunting seasons to begin. Venturing out into the community might entail driving, and surely, most drivers do their best to follow the laws and drive safely to avoid a car accident

What happens when a car accident occurs out of thin air? Recently, a Maryland road became the scene of an unusual accident, leaving witnesses baffled and victims injured. It seems that a small plane crashed right into a car near Bowie, Maryland. Apparently, there is a small airfield nearby, and the pilot misjudged the landing. 

What to do if your child suffers personal injury at school

A new school year is well underway, and Maryland students are back in the classrooms. Parents surely hope that their children will do well academically and that no harm will come to them while they are at school. Unfortunately, a school building is not immune to hazards, and occasionally a child may suffer a frightening personal injury on the premises. 

A breaking story out of Maryland serves as a case in point. A school near Baltimore was the site of a serious accident while the staff and students were inside. A seemingly normal school day was interrupted when an explosion rocked the building. Officials say a malfunction in the boiler room caused a smokestack to break off the top of the roof. 

Couple sues Walmart after suffering serious injury

With about 60 locations in Maryland alone, Walmart stores seem to be everywhere. Each day, thousands of shoppers can pass through any individual location. Boasting low prices and a "one stop shop" opportunity, Walmart promises to save consumers time and money. While certainly, convenient and affordable shopping are a draw for potential customers, one couple warns that the Walmart brand may have forgotten about keeping patrons safe, and did nothing to prevent serious injury.

Until recently, many Walmart stores were lax on security measures concerning firearms. Many stores allow the open carry of firearms, and it is not unusual for supercenters to sell guns and ammunition in the sporting goods department. Over the summer of 2019, at least two mass shootings took place within a Walmart store. 

Car accident turns deadly, infant seriously injured

As the last few days of summer shine on Maryland, residents and visitors are eagerly awaiting the first signs of autumn. Driving through The Old Line State can be a picturesque experience, as motorists pass fall foliage, rivers, wildlife and other natural gems. Unfortunately, not every trip down a Maryland road is an enjoyable experience, and if a car accident occurs, the trip may become a living nightmare. 

Recently, an SUV driven by a 29-year-old Maryland woman was traveling eastbound when she passed another vehicle, but lost control shortly thereafter. Her vehicle, which carried three passengers, including an infant, spun out. The vehicle wound up in oncoming traffic, and the driver of a westbound pickup truck could not avoid a collision. The SUV began to flip, and a passenger was ejected. 

Fair steps up security measures to prevent personal injury

Maryland residents and visitors from other states look forward to the annual Maryland State Fair. With everything from rides to animals to unique and delicious food items, the fair offers something for everyone. This year, the fair is ramping up security measures to prevent personal injury on the premises. 

One need only peruse the news to find that frightening shootings have plagued events like fairs and concerts across the country recently. These shootings have caused personal injury and even death to attendees. The Maryland State Fair intends to make sure adequate security is provided to patrons. 

A construction fall arrest can be deadly without release

If you are an active catch-and-release angler for Maryland striped bass, you may be aware of the cautions that the state's Department of Natural Resources issue regarding the pastime. While lauding the conscientiousness of the practice, the DNR notes that "any capture event is stressful." And so, officials urge, "careful and quick" revival and return of the fish to the water, especially in summer.

What might surprise some readers is that the same fundamental rules apply when the subject on the end of the line is a construction worker who has fallen from some significant height.

Despite potential, spinal cord stimulation devices in question

There is risk in life. That's just part of the package, whether you live in Maryland or some other state. As safe as we would like to be from any harm that might occur, there is no way to prevent every possible source of personal injury. That said, when you allow a medical professional to surgically implant a medical device into your body on the promise that it is going to provide a significant benefit, you have a right to consider legal action if it actually does more harm than good.

There are regulatory systems in place to minimize the chances of faulty medical devices reaching the market. But as recent reporting by The Associated Press shows, some public safety advocates are beginning to wonder whether the lead agency in this regard, the Food and Drug Administration, is putting consumers at risk in favor of making it easier for manufacturers to feed their bottom lines.

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