Bus accidents cause fear and serious injury

The crisp autumn air has finally blown into Maryland, and people are out and about. There is lots to see and do in the fall, and many people are busy preparing for company, decorating for upcoming holidays or getting some snacks together for the big game. Many people rely on public transportation, such as a bus, to get to and from each destination. While certainly a convenient way to travel, a person has no guarantee of avoiding serious injury

Recently, a Maryland Transit Authority bus was stopping to let passengers get off at a regular stop near Baltimore. Suddenly, witnesses say, a pickup truck crashed right into the side of the stopped bus. Some people recall being thrown from their seat, and all of the passengers worried when the bus began to fill with smoke. 

When first responders arrived on the scene, they determined that at least eight people — including the bus driver — were in need of medical attention. At least one person had a serious injury that was classified as life-threatening. The condition of the victims is still unknown. Police are investigating the crash, and there is no word yet if charges will be filed against the driver of the pickup. 

When a person suffers serious injury in a Maryland crash, he or she may want to bring the party responsible to justice in a court of law. An attorney can help a client testify about the pain and suffering they endured. Victims may be faced with medical bills, loss of wages, property damage or other expenses that pop up after such a crash. If applicable to a particular case, a victim may be entitled to a monetary award to ease the burden and allow him or her to heal from physical and emotional trauma. 

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