Birth injuries due to negligence can disable a child for life

Expecting a child is often a wonderful and highly anticipated event for the parents and other family members. Preparations for the new arrival begin to take place almost immediately. Picking out baby names, nursery colors and choosing a doctor to see the family through the pregnancy and safely deliver the baby can be exciting and sometimes overwhelming. For some Maryland parents, labor and delivery can also bring unsettling news that everything is not well with the child. Understandably, new circumstances can present heavy physical and financial challenges, but learning that the child suffered avoidable birth injuries may further distress the family.

A family in another state has recently filed a complaint against the hospital and medical staff who delivered their son almost two years ago. According to the complaint, the complications that presented during labor and delivery should have resulted in a Cesarean section. The claim further states that the physicians underestimated the child’s birth weight and size.

The complications during birth arose from shoulder dystocia. The child has since been diagnosed with right brachial plexus palsy. This diagnosis is permanent, and the family is seeking more than $150,000 in compensatory damages and interest.

When a child suffers birth injuries due to the negligence of a physician or other health care professional, the effects can be devastating. The lifelong medical expenses can be tremendous, and the round-the-clock care may require a parent to give up a source of income to provide the needed care. A knowledgeable attorney who is familiar with birth injury claims can help a family understand their rights under Maryland law. A successful claim litigated in a civil court could help a family financially to cover incurred and future medical costs associated with the injury.

Source:¬†, “Philadelphia parents allege negligence caused child’s injuries during birth“, Louie Torres, Sept. 1, 2017

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