Car accidents create medical bills for injured in Maryland

Football is a major pastime in this country. Even months before the football season starts, people begin preparing with countdowns to the first game and parades in celebration of the local professional team. It is a time associated with fun, food and excitement. However, football will likely remind one Maryland family of the severe injury that their daughter received as she participated in preseason activities. As car accidents tend to do, this family has been left with several medical bills.

The accident occurred as a 5-year-old girl was crossing the street with her mother to attend the local football team’s parade weekend. According to witness reports, the young girl was holding her mother’s hand when she started to pull away. Police claim the girl was struck by a 19-year-old driver and dragged down the street. According to reports, the driver of the vehicle failed to stop at the scene of the accident.

The driver was eventually apprehended. She claimed that she tried to stop before striking the girl, but her breaks failed to work correctly. She also claimed that she did stop after the accident, but became nervous when a crowd began to gather and fled the scene. She now faces several crimes, including charges related to leaving the scene of an accident.

Luckily, the young girl survived the accident. However, her family faces years of medical bills as a result — the helicopter flight to the children’s hospital allegedly cost $10,000 in itself. Additionally, doctors had to place a metal plate in her head that will have to be replaced periodically as she grows. While the community is rallying behind the family by organizing fundraisers, the proceeds of these events likely will not put a dent in their mounting bills. Fortunately, people who are victims of car accidents such as this one have the option of filing a claim in a Maryland civil court in order to receive compensation for the expenses if it is determined that the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence.

Source:, “Ocean City offers helping hand for young Baltimore Ravens fan struck by car,” Brian Shane, June 25, 2013

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