Serious car accident amidst new seat belt campaign

Several police departments  from Maryland and surrounding states have kicked off a new campaign to urge drivers to always wear seat belts. In addition to being required by law, wearing a seat belt can save lives. A recent car accident involving several vehicles serves as a grim reminder to all motorists of the need . 

The car accident was caused when a woman driving pickup truck was making a turn. A large box truck did not stop in time and slammed into the back of her vehicle. This caused the pickup to slam into a vehicle heading the opposite direction. Both vehicles spun, and were hit by a third oncoming vehicle. 

Rescue workers rushed to the scene, and found that some of the vehicles involved in a crumpled mess. The road was closed while investigators tried to piece together what actually happened, and the victims were rushed to hospitals for treatment. The woman driving the pickup is in critical condition, and police note that she was not wearing a seat belt at the time. The man driving the box truck was not injured at all. The investigation continues, and most of the victims are expected to recover.  

Even if a driver is careful to obey the laws and try to stay safe behind the wheel, there is no guarantee another driver will not cause a serious car accident. When someone becomes the victim of such an accident in Maryland, he or she may want to take legal action against the party deemed at fault. A judge may find it appropriate to award a victim monetary damages for their suffering, and an experienced  attorney can help a victim explore all available legal options. 

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