Negligence causes boating accident

After the strangest spring that many can recall, Maryland is getting back to normal just in time for summer. As the weather heats up, many people are making plans to visit a beach, lake or river to cool off and have some fun. Fortunately, Maryland offers plenty of places for locals to beat the heat. Boating is one way to enjoy the water, but people should be aware that operator negligence can result in serious injury. 

Recently, two ladies decided to spend the afternoon exploring Ocean City on a pontoon boat. A pontoon boat is sort of like a barge, supported by two large floats. They are a larger, slower vessel, perfect for touring around, eating a meal and relaxing. 

Unfortunately, the boat operator had the propellers running as the ladies attempted to board. They lost their balance as they tried to get on the boat, and the propellers caused painful injuries to both ladies. The operator was charged with negligence because having the propellers running while people are boarding or exiting a boat is very dangerous. 

When operator negligence injures passengers, whether in Maryland or elsewhere, victims may want to look into taking legal action. An attorney can help a client explain to the court how negligence caused the injury that resulted in pain and suffering, medical expenses, and other burdens. A favorable verdict can result in a monetary judgement that a victim can use to help cover the costs of an injury. A victim should not have to suffer through a bummer summer because of another party’s negligence, and civil action may be the ticket to justice. 

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