Blue light therapy may help victims of head injury

Maryland residents are enjoying a taste of spring, and the coming weeks hold much to look forward to. The Coronavirus aside, fun holidays, sporting events, and outdoor activities are a welcome change after a cold and underwhelming winter. March is also Brain Injury Awareness Month, and researchers are excited to reveal a potential breakthrough that may help victims of head injury deal with long-term symptoms. 

In addition to physical pain, many head injury victims often suffer from conditions related to mental and emotional health. Depression, sleep disorders, concentration problems and irritability are common troubles faced by many of these victims. Researchers now believe that therapy using exposure to special blue lights may help ease these symptoms. 

When exposed to blue light, patients appeared to get some relief from problems with circadian rhythms. The blue light therapy appeared to help victims be less sleepy during the daytime, and improved communication between certain areas of the brain. Experts say good sleep patterns can be key to recovery, because during sleep, the brain gets rid of neurotoxins and produces a type of cell that helps protect neurons from more permanent damage. 

A Maryland head injury victim may face many frustrations on the road to recovery. Physical and mental health woes can become overwhelming as a victim tries to contend with medical bills, loss of wages due to inability to work, lasting pain and suffering, and other common situations that affect victims after such an injury. A victim that wants to take legal action against the person or party that caused a head injury will surely benefit from some legal assistance. An experienced attorney can help pursue claims for monetary damages against any party deemed responsible for the injuries suffered. 

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