Man calls for action after losing wife to medical negligence

When Maryland residents seek medical attention, they expect that the doctors and nurses providing treatment will do their best to provide the best care possible. Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured or killed because of medical negligence each year. After the loss of his beloved wife, one man is calling for an overhaul of the protocols in place to handle malpractice cases. 

The man explains that he arrived at a reputable hospital for the scheduled cesarian delivery of his second child. Hours after welcoming his new baby into the world, tragedy struck. Medical staff discovered that the man’s wife began to bleed internally after the surgery, and no one caught the danger until it was too late. Doctors performed an emergency surgery, but the woman had been neglected so long that the amount of blood lost rendered the life-saving attempt unsuccessful. The mother passed away shortly thereafter. 

The hospital acknowledged the mistake and quietly offered the grieving father of two a financial settlement, which he accepted. Shortly thereafter, he discovered that the negligent doctor responsible for his wife’s death received a mere slap on the wrist. The doctor was not allowed to instruct other doctors and nurses for a period of four years, but he was able to continue performing surgical deliveries at another hospital. The man learned that the very same doctor was responsible for similar medical negligence involving other patients, and he is now warning others that, in some cases, a doctor can kill a patient and not face any consequences. 

If a Maryland patient has died as a direct result of medical negligence, loved ones may want to take legal action. An attorney can help a client file a medical malpractice lawsuit. A favorable verdict may result in a monetary award that can help cover outstanding hospital bills and final expenses. Additionally, a successful suit can raise awareness about a particular doctor or medical facility’s substandard level of care, which may encourage other patients to seek medical attention elsewhere, preventing further injury or death. 

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