Deaths heighten awareness about brain trauma

Medical research and technology is always advancing, but often, people can forget how important it is to better understand conditions without obvious physical symptoms. Now, some notable deaths are drawing public awareness and helping people understand the gravity of brain trauma. The recent death of a combat veteran has the nation concerned and a Maryland family fighting for answers. 

Ryan Larkin was a Navy SEAL with several tours of combat under his belt. After some close encounters with enemy artillery, something began to feel off. Larkin would try to explain to his family and medical professionals, but nobody seemed to have answers. His family states that he became irritable, suspicious of others, and acted in ways that were otherwise out of character. Larkin’s doctors tried several different medications, and ran a battery of tests to try to figure out what was wrong. 

Larkin passed away at the age of 29, previously having made his father aware that upon his death, he wanted his brain to be donated to medical research, so that experts could try to learn more about the mysterious suffering he endured. It became clear that his brain was full of tiny tears, which researchers say do not show up on routine scans. These tears were thought to be caused by blast waves encountered during Larkin’s combat tours. It is suspected that members of the armed forces suffered similar injuries in Jan. 2020 during an attack on foreign soil, and even the president dismissed the injuries as minor, comparable to a concussion. Larkin’s family has begun a quest to find justice through new research, and make people aware of the hidden dangers of brain trauma that people may unknowingly suffer. 

If a Maryland resident has suffered serious brain trauma, it may have been caused by the negligence of an employer or another party. In the event of a death, representatives of a victim’s estate may be entitled to take legal action. Anyone that is considering a civil suit under similar circumstances may want to contact an attorney that understands the peril such victims face. 

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