Did you suffer a personal injury on vacation?

Maryland residents were getting a bit stir-crazy, and now that things are beginning to reopen and summer has just begun, many families may be making travel plans. This time of year, staying at a hotel or resort with a nice pool can be a bonus. Parents do their best to reach their children about safety before visiting a pool, but what if the pool area itself is unsafe for visitors? A recent headline depicts a terrible scenario of personal injury.

According to preliminary reports, a father and son were enjoying some time in the pool at a resort when disaster struck. The wind kicked up, and an umbrella from a poolside table came loose and flew into the pool. It struck the man and his young son, who is believed to be about three years old. 

The man and his son were taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. The last update says the pair is in stable condition. An injury like this can quickly end a much-needed vacation and may be especially traumatic for a small child. 

In situations like these, it is usually true that the establishment is responsible for making sure the pool area is safe for guests. Failing to remove or secure large umbrellas on a windy day resulted in personal injury to two innocent victims. A Maryland resident that has survived a similar situation may want to reach out to an attorney. An attorney can help a client seek justice and compensation in a court of law and make sure that the party at fault is held responsible for any wrongdoing. 

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