Expectations for an interview with a personal injury attorney

When an individual is involved in an accident in Maryland that was caused by someone else, he or she may choose to consult an attorney. During this first meeting, the personal injury attorney will ask what happened and will typically collect a significant amount of information. The length of the first interview may vary, depending on what exact circumstances led to an individual’s injuries.

If the matter involves a car accident, the first meeting may not take too long. This type of meeting can move very quickly if the individual is prepared. For other situations, such as a defective product or medical malpractice claim, the initial meeting may take longer.

As an individual describes the details that led to the accident, the attorney may have a number of questions. Some may seem difficult to bear — or answer — but the answers can help the lawyer determine the most appropriate solution for the case. Besides exploring the facts surrounding the case, the attorney will also likely explain more practical aspects of the case, including the representation agreement, differing types of legal fees and the litigation costs that pertain to the case at hand.

Personal injury lawsuits are typically complex affairs which involve the gathering of evidence and arranging for expert witnesses. Therefore, it is makes good sense for an accident victim to decide on an attorney who is experienced in litigating these types of legal claims. After a Maryland accident, a seriously injured victim typically chooses to consult an attorney to review the details and assess the available options for claiming financial relief.

Source: FindLaw, “Meeting with an Injury Attorney“, Accessed on June 14, 2016

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