Workplace injuries can leave Maryland employees unable to work

Being injured while on the job is still a very common occurrence. Employees can be injured while performing almost any type of work-related activity. Even with the standards implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, workplace injuries still affect many Maryland residents. When an accident happens while one is on the job, seeking benefits through the workers’ compensation program to help cover lost wages while one is unable to work is how most employees make it through the difficult financial time.

A man in another state is suing a salmon farm for an injury he sustained while on the job. The man’s attorney is claiming that the injuries his client sustained will not allow the victim to go out to sea again. At this time, the amount of damages has not been specified.

The worker was holding on to a rope to help himself balance because no gang plank was present. While the man was gripping the rope, a manager activated a winch. Because the winch was set in motion, the man’s hand was crushed, and two fingers had to be amputated.

Serious workplace injuries can result in an employee being unable to perform job duties related to his or her particular type of work and be permanent, affecting every aspect of his or her life. When Maryland residents are hurt while working on the job, the steps they need to take to secure workers’ compensation or disability can seem overwhelming. With the counsel of an experienced attorney, filing the initial claim and any appeals if necessary, will be explained and the process less intimidating.

Source:, “Mainer Suing Over Workplace Accident That Claimed 2 Fingers“, Oct. 16, 2017

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