Police accused of causing serious injury

Getting pulled over by the police is never something to look forward to. Sometimes a person is not even sure why he or she is being stopped. It can be nerve-wracking to wait for the officers to explain why they stopped a vehicle, but recently, an incident involving Maryland police shows that a traffic stop might also result in serious injury

Details are still being investigated, but reports seem to agree on a few basic facts. A man and his passenger, a woman identified as his girlfriend, were pulled over by police. The man’s girlfriend began to record the incident on her phone’s video camera. The man allegedly tried to evade an officer when asked to exit the vehicle, and the officer allegedly took the man to the ground with a body tackle. 

Unfortunately, after being tackled, the man appeared unwell, and indeed he was. He had suffered a permanent spine injury that resulted in partial paralysis. While the man was taken to emergency surgery, his girlfriend decided it would be wise to take the videos to an experienced attorney. 

In this case, police have not released their version of events, nor the video taken by the dash cam in the police cruiser. More details might come to light in court, but contacting an attorney was probably a wise move. When a person suffers serious injury in Maryland, he or she may want to bring litigation against the person or party that caused the injury. An attorney can come in handy when a victim must prepare for court proceedings. 

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