Maryland motorcycle accidents: Cheerleader the latest victim

Many people have different outlets to relieve stress. Some people spend time in the gym working out frustrations, while others might spend time with a different recreational activity, such as fishing. For others, stress relief can come as simply as hopping on their motorcycle on a nice day and going for a short trip; however, these people are in danger of motorcycle accidents, often by no fault of their own. It is important for other drivers to be aware of the presence of motorcyclists in order to prevent injury or death. The recent death of a Maryland cheerleader further highlights the need for automobile drivers to exhibit caution while on the road.

According to police reports, the 27-year-old male cheerleader was headed north in order to work with kids at a camp. Unfortunately, the driver of a sedan allegedly failed to yield the right of way when attempting to make a left turn in front of him. Unable to stop, he crashed into the passenger side of her vehicle.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. While the driver of the sedan was transported to the hospital, reports indicate that she did not suffer serious injuries. No charges have been filed at this time; however, police officials continue to investigate the incident.

While those who knew the man have expressed their feelings of grief and loss over his death, no one can truly know the extent of devastation his death has caused on his family. Unfortunately, in addition to dealing with the emotional aspects of learning of a loved one’s unexpected death, the family will also likely face financial repercussions as well. The deceased victim’s family members, as well as seriously injured victims of motorcycle accidents, have the option of attempting to secure compensation for the financial burdens of such an event by filing a case with a Maryland civil court. If the court finds the accident was caused by the driver of the sedan’s negligence, the man’s family could be compensated for costs, such as funeral expenses, that resulted from his death.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Ravens cheerleader killed in motorcycle accident,” Chris Korman, July 6, 2013

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