Workers’ compensation likely for family of man killed at work

Workplace conditions have improved considerably over the course of the last century. These improvements may be due in part to organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that work to ensure all employers meet specific safety standards, for example. Unfortunately, accidents are still possible, prompting states such as Maryland to require employers to provide workers’ compensation benefits for those injured or killed while on-the-job. The family of one out-of-state man will likely qualify for these benefits after he was killed at work.

The incident occurred one afternoon in mid-October. Reports indicate that the 33-year-old man was an employee at Cohen Recycling Center, but the site is owned by Metal Shredders Inc. He was apparently helping a crew of employees work on one of the company’s electrical transformer substations. Unfortunately, he apparently touched live wires that had over 1,000 volts.

Representatives for OSHA are at the scene in Ohio, likely working to determine if there were any health or safety standards violated leading up to the accident. While there have been no violations against Cohen, there have been against Metal Shredders. However, representatives say the previous violations are unrelated to this incident.

While OSHA works to prevent similar accidents in the future, the family of the deceased man may be facing financial issues. Because workers’ compensation typically extends to dependent family members in the event of a fatality, they likely qualify for compensation for the financial ramifications of his death, including funeral expenses and lost wages. Many people in Maryland have found it beneficial to seek assistance as they go through the process to ensure that they receive adequate and timely compensation.

Source:, “33-year-old welder killed at Cohen Recycling in West Carrollton”, Oct. 16, 2014

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