Spinal cord damage is possible in a motor vehicle accident

Modern vehicles are incredibly safe, thanks in part to years of research and development into effective safety devices like seatbelts and airbags. Across Maryland, drivers may operate vehicles with accident detection systems and other technologically advanced programs that help them monitor their surroundings and avoid crashes. These tools, coupled with safe driving practices, help reduce the number of deadly accidents on American roads.

However, as readers of this blog know, not all drivers use safe practices when they are in their vehicles and not even the most sophisticated vehicle safety programs can keep them from causing crashes. When accidents happen, victims can suffer dearly for other drivers’ mistakes. One form of injury that is possible when motor vehicles collide is spinal cord injury, and this post will explore its devastating effects.

What is the spinal cord?

The spinal cord is a critical component in carrying messages from the brain throughout the body. It connects the brain to the body through a long set of cords encased in the spinal column. As the brain sends out impulses, the spinal cord carries them to cause the body to move, breathe, and perform other essential functions for life.

What happens if the spinal cord is hurt?

The spinal cord can be injured if it is bruised, cut, or fully severed. When this happens, a victim may suffer a complete or incomplete spinal cord injury. Complete spinal cord injuries can result in paralysis at and below the site of the harm.

Individuals who suffer complete spinal cord injuries in their necks can suffer paralysis throughout their bodies. They may struggle to breathe on their own and they may lack control over their bodily functions. They may be unable to eat or drink, hold down work, or perform the necessary tasks to care for themselves.

The long-term effects of a spinal cord injury can differ based on the victim’s type and severity of injury. While this post does not provide any medical or legal advice, it introduces readers to a serious and real injury that can result with motor vehicle accidents happen. Victims of spinal cord injuries can contact their trusted personal injury attorneys for help.


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