Nine-month-old infant dies in vehicle crash

An infant was killed in an Anne Arundel County highway accident in the early hours of Easter Sunday. The vehicle crash happened at approximately 4:30 a.m. northbound on I-295, south of Route 100, according to Maryland State Police.

An initial investigation revealed that the mother of the child, who was driving a 2000 Ford Explorer, lost control of her vehicle right before passing a Honda while driving northbound on I-295.

The Ford swerved to the right before veering back across both northbound lanes towards the median, hitting the Honda in the process. The Ford rammed through the median and a guardrail before careening down a hillside and hitting several trees as it came to a halt.

The infant died at the scene, while the mother was transported to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center. The investigation continues into the cause of the crash as well as the issuance of possible charges.

Fewer on the road, more lives lost in Maryland

The release of a recent report of accident statistics by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) cites a rise in fatalities in 2020 not only of victims of car crashes, but also in pedestrian and bicyclist accidents. Although average traffic volume in the state decreased by 50% at this time last year, the increased speed, greater driver impairment and lower seatbelt usage of those drivers on the road contributed to the severity of the accidents.

When factoring in the number of deaths relative to the reduced total vehicle miles travelled (VMT), motor vehicle deaths in Maryland mirrored the upward trend seen across the country.

Negligence in Maryland

When distracted, impaired or unsafe driving has caused a traffic accident, there are differing state laws that apply to liability claims if the victim files a negligence lawsuit against the other driver. Because every driver owes a duty of care to every other driver on the road, the job of the plaintiff is to prove that the other driver’s failure, or breach of that duty, caused or contributed to the accident as well as the victim’s injury.

In Maryland, the court will look at the actions of both parties to determine the percentage of damages the plaintiff may collect when factoring in the contributory negligence of each party. If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, it is above all essential to have aggressive and experienced legal counsel at the table when you file your claim.


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