Accident investigation launched after pedestrian killed

After a hot and dry summer, Maryland residents are welcoming the crisp arrival of fall. As the days grow shorter and the light begins to fade, drivers should take extra caution to watch for pedestrians in or near the roadway. Recently, anĀ accident investigation was launched after a pedestrian was killed by a vehicle.

According to breaking local news, a vehicle struck a man near the small town of Williamsport, Maryland, in the early evening hours of Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020. Personal details about the victim have not been released, but law enforcement was able to confirm that the victim was an adult male. Police have launched an accident investigation in an attempt to establish the facts of the crash.

The road where the victim was killed was closed for several hours after the crash. More details are likely to be released after law enforcement has been able to positively identify the victim and notify his family members privately. Police are asking anyone who may have information about the crash to come forward. Law enforcement has not yet confirmed if the driver at fault has been identified or if they expect to file criminal charges against the driver.

After the accident investigation is complete, representatives of the victim’s estate might decide that civil action on behalf of the deceased may be appropriate. In similar situations, a Maryland attorney with experience handling cases like this might come in handy. An attorney can help a client provide facts and evidence to a court in order to prove that a driver caused serious injury or death to a victim, and work toward a verdict that reflects the suffering a victim endured at the hands of a driver.

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