Vaping can lead to serious injury

Maryland parents have probably seen scary stories regarding the dangers of vaping in recent weeks. The use of these devices became increasingly popular in the past few years, as the recent craze was originally touted as a safer alternative to smoking or smokeless tobacco products. Now, it has become apparent that the use of a tobacco vaporizer can lead to serious injury, but many teens remain unaware of the danger. 

Statistics now estimate that Maryland has confirmed more than 50 cases of vaping-related injuries. In only two years, the number of teens that admit to using e-cigarettes and similar products has more than doubled. It is no wonder that teens are unaware of the dangers, because even adults admit that they began using such products thinking they were a safer and better tasting alternative to cigarettes. 

The federal government is planning to ban or better regulate these products, but Maryland residents want the state to take action in the meantime. Teens have suffered serious injury from products that were easily attainable and marketed as safe. Evidence now clearly shows that these claims were false. 

If a teen has become the victim of such serious injury, parents may want to consult a knowledgeable attorney. An attorney can help a parent take legal action on behalf of a suffering child. It is possible to fight to hold the parties that manufacture and distribute these dangerous products responsible for the suffering caused by vaping to teens and other consumers that were misled by advertising and the false impression that these products were safe. 

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