Car accidents in Annapolis can cause injury to diners

When the weather warms, more people take advantage of a restaurant’s outdoor dining option. It allows diners to enjoy the benefits of restaurant dining while still enjoying the outdoors. However, one woman in Annapolis might think twice before she chooses to eat outside again after an accident left her seriously injured. With an increasing awareness of these types of car accidents, more and more people may opt to decline dining outdoors.

The 20-year-old woman was seated outside of a restaurant in Annapolis Towne Centre. A 78-year-old male driver was attempting to park his car in front of the restaurant. He unexpectedly jumped the curve before crashing into a group of outdoor diners.

According to reports, tire marks at the scene indicate that the man was spending in the direction of the restaurant front before he abruptly turned to the right and into the outside seating area filled with several people. The driver allegedly hit the brake and gas pedal as he attempted to park. Both the driver and the young woman were transported to the hospital. While the woman suffered serious injuries, she is expected to survive.

While it is lucky that the woman will recover from her injuries, the impact of car accidents can be devastating for victims. This Annapolis woman will likely face a lengthy recovery time as well as medical bills from her stay in the hospital and any necessary follow-up treatment. While the man most likely did not intend to cause injuries on that day, if the reports are found to be true, he could be held financially responsible for her treatment. If the victim files a suit in civil court and the court rules in her favor, she could receive compensation for medical expenses as well as other financial burdens created by the accident.

Source: The Capital Gazette, “Car plunges into lunch crowd in Parole,” June 17, 2013

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