What to do if your child suffers personal injury at school

A new school year is well underway, and Maryland students are back in the classrooms. Parents surely hope that their children will do well academically and that no harm will come to them while they are at school. Unfortunately, a school building is not immune to hazards, and occasionally a child may suffer a frightening personal injury on the premises. 

A breaking story out of Maryland serves as a case in point. A school near Baltimore was the site of a serious accident while the staff and students were inside. A seemingly normal school day was interrupted when an explosion rocked the building. Officials say a malfunction in the boiler room caused a smokestack to break off the top of the roof. 

An email from the school was sent out to alert parents of the incident. So far, it has been established that at least two adults and one child were injured. The severity of the injuries is unclear at this time, but it must have been a frightening incident for everyone present. 

When a child suffers a personal injury, parents may feel stressed out and overwhelmed in the days and weeks that follow. In addition to concern for an injured child, a parent may have to face medical bills, loss of wages due to missing work to care for the child, and other financial burdens. Many families decide to contact an attorney and take legal action on the child’s behalf. An attorney can help a victim pursue recovery of monetary damages from the party or parties believed responsible for the injuries. 

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