Workplace accidents claim the lives of construction workers

Working in the construction industry in Maryland can be a dangerous occupation. Workers can be hurt, sent home and are hopefully able to return to their duties after medical treatment and rest. Some accidents and injuries are fatal, which can leave a family without their loved one and the income provided by that family member. When workplace accidents happen, the Maryland workers’ compensation program is in place to help cover the costs associated with medical bills and the inability to work while one is recovering.

A construction worker in another state lost his life while surveying damage from several accidents which occurred earlier that same morning. Four big rigs slid off the road and one of them rolled over, in the exact same spot on the highway. The crew investigating the damage said the road was not frozen, simply wet and slick, and motorists need to exercise caution and slow down.

The 62-year-old male was in the median examining the roadway to assess damage. A tractor-trailer traveling east hit the slick spot and jackknifed. The truck then slid into the median, striking the man.

When Maryland workplace accidents happen, the effects on the victims and their families are often devastating. The medical bills can begin to accumulate, and lost wages can leave a family struggling to make ends meet. Should a victim be fatally injured, the family may be entitled to survivor benefits under the workers’ compensation insurance program. An attorney with knowledge of the program and the legalities involved with workers’ compensation claims may be of assistance to families in filing claims, including any necessary appeals from an initial denial of benefits.

Source:, “DPS identifies construction worker killed by 18-wheeler on I-20 in Sweetwater“, Jamie Burch & Veronica Soto, Dec. 7, 2017

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