Maryland woman may suffer brain damage after Las Vegas shooting

The recent Las Vegas shooting has been in the news, on the minds and in the hearts of many. The reasons why such a sad occurrence was carried out seem to pale in comparison to the damage and heartache that has been a result of the act. A Maryland woman who was a victim in the shooting is holding on to her life and, if she survives, may suffer brain damage.

The woman was attending the concert with her boyfriend and friends when the she was shot through her right eye. Her companions carried her over 300 yards to a pickup truck and she was rushed to a nearby hospital. Doctors say that the bullet traveled through two quadrants of her brain, but luckily, no swelling has occurred.

The woman is currently in intensive care and surrounded by her family, who reports updates on her condition. Her mother says that she shows signs of agitation when the nurses and doctors have to perform unpleasant or invasive procedures on her. These positive signs show that the woman is fighting.

Regardless of how the act is carried out, being injured at the hands of another can be devastating. The seriousness of the injury can lead to incurred medical costs and the need for long-term medical care, especially when brain damage is suspected. Seeking the advice of a Maryland attorney to help seek damages inflicted at the hands of another could lead to a civil claim. Monies awarded can help with current medical costs and cover any future needs.

Source:, “Md. woman injured in Las Vegas shooting could have brain damage, family says“, Megan Cloherty, Oct. 4, 2017

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