Brain injury recovery takes longer than previously suspected

Maryland loves sports, and the Old Line State has teams from early childhood all the way up to professional level. While fans enjoy showing up and rooting for a favorite team through thick and thin, the athletes that dedicate their time to training and playing the sports they love might be at risk. Every year an alarming number athletes suffer serious brain injury, and medical science is constantly trying to learn more about the serious risks involved with such injuries. 

One common type of injury that can result in brain trauma is a concussion. In years past, these injuries were often thought to be no big deal, commonly dismissed as a bump to the head. Advances in research now warn that these injuries may not appear to be severe to the untrained eye, but the danger of lasting damage and suffering is very real. 

A recent study suggests that only half of the people that suffer a concussion or similar brain injury recover within a two week period. In some cases, a victim may feel OK immediately following the injury, only to have symptoms appear in the days and weeks that follow. These symptoms can be difficult for even professionals to spot, because things like dizziness, fatigue, confusion and other common side effects cannot be seen on any conventional scan or diagnostic method. In such cases, a victim can only attempt to explain his or her suffering to doctors, family, friends and employers. 

If a Maryland victim suffers a brain injury that was caused by the actions of another party, legal recourse may be available in the form of a civil lawsuit. A victim that is already struggling to cope with a serious injury may also have to deal with medical bills, loss of wages due to inability to work, and ongoing pain and suffering. An experienced attorney can help a client seek justice, in pursuit of a monetary judgment that can be used to help the affected individual adjust to life with a brain injury. 

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