Court: Doctor pays $25 million for alleged medical malpractice

When injured or sick, many people go to doctors and other medical professionals in order to receive diagnoses of what ails them and, if need be, quality care in order to get better. However, for some Maryland residents, it does not always work out that way. Unfortunately, sometimes the professionals may actually cause further injury. Fortunately for these victims, the legal system has rules and laws pertaining to medical malpractice that help to determine who is liable for the injuries suffered while a victim was receiving medical care.

An out-of-state woman who was the victim of alleged medical malpractice lost her leg and was awarded almost $25 million on a recent Friday in October. The judgment was the result of a suit against her doctor. The jury deliberated for roughly four hours before they found that the doctor — as well as the medical center where he worked — were both negligent in regard to their treatment of the 18-year-old female patient.

In November 2009, the woman was examined by the doctor for a pain she was experiencing in her left leg, the lawsuit stated. However, the woman’s suit states that her doctor did not properly diagnose the fact that she was suffering from a blood clot. The pain steadily got worse, which resulted in her going to the hospital, where the doctors did not properly diagnose her problem, and she was sent home. The woman did not receive treatment for the blood clot in a timely manner, which resulted in the loss of circulation, requiring that the leg be amputated, according to the suit.

A medical malpractice case like this is valid when it meets two separate requirements. The first is that the negligence or medical malpractice was perpetrated by a professional health care provider. The second is that the act directly resulted in the injury, pain and suffering, disability, or the death of the victim. An experienced Maryland personal injury attorney is typically consulted to assess the validity of such a claim.

Source:, “Trumbull doctor ordered to pay $25 million for alleged malpractice“, Daniel Tepfer, Oct. 14, 2016

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