Police caution public about dangerous drivers

Across the state of Maryland, many businesses, public gathering places and government buildings remain closed. Residents continue to do their best to adhere to all the guidelines set forth to curb the pandemic, but people must still venture out to get necessities, provide service at an essential business or seek medical attention. Police warn that, even though the roads are far less crowded these days, incidents of dangerous driving are on the rise. 

According to law enforcement officials, police have confirmed an increase in traffic offenses like speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving and other dangerous behavior. Residents have also come forward to recount recent incidents in which another driver has sped past them or cut them off. Some say they are hesitant to go out even for essentials due to the increased risk of a serious accident.

In the span of one weekend, Maryland police had to issue over 400 citations for speeding alone. To illustrate the growing concern, one officer said that he stopped a driver who was going over 100 mph on the highway and was able to confirm that the driver was drunk. When an accident occurs at a high rate of speed, there is an increased potential for serious injury or death.

When the careless, negligent or illegal behavior of another driver causes serious injury to a victim in Maryland, the victim may wonder what options are available for legal recourse. Just as police continue to uphold the law on the roads, an experienced attorney can help a client see justice served in a court of law. A favorable verdict may result in a monetary judgement that can help a victim cover medical expenses and loss of wages due to inability to work, and compensate for other suffering that was caused by a dangerous driver.

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