Man files medical malpractice case due to nerve damage

The vast majority of medical personnel in Maryland are well-trained professionals who strive to ensure their patients receive the best possible care. Unfortunately, a single misstep can have serious consequences for a patient. One hospital in another state now faces several medical malpractice suits as a result of serious injury, or death, caused by a doctor’s alleged actions.

The suit is filed against the medical care center. The doctor at the center of the suit has since been suspended as a result of complaints lodged by other doctors. These doctors claim that his actions caused the death or serious injury, including paralysis, to patients.

The most recent case filed against the facility — Baylor Medical Center –alleges that the hospital allowed the man to continue practicing medicine despite the death or paralysis allegedly caused by the neurosurgeon’s negligence. The plaintiff claims that the doctor incorrectly placed medical equipment in his spine, resulting in damaged bone and the release of bone fragments. As a result, the man suffers from nerve damage and ongoing pain. His suit claims that the medical care facility was aware of claims regarding the doctor’s competency and not only allowed him to continue practicing medicine, but also wrote him a letter of recommendation that assisted him in gaining privileges at a different hospital where, as a result, other patients died or experienced serious injury.

Any patient in Maryland has the right to expect the highest quality medical care possible. If a facility knowingly allows incompetent medical personnel to provide subpar treatment, a medical malpractice suit may be appropriate. Such an action could provide damages to assist with medical bills and pain and suffering, but could also prevent other patients from suffering a similar fate.

Source: Dallas Business Journal, “Baylor Medical Center Plano faces another malpractice suit“, Bill Hethcock, April 1, 2014

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